Hey, do you know where your money is?

"Enter Any Niche You Please, And In Just A Few Days, Effortlessly Uncover All Of Its Profitable Keywords...Then Slink Away To Your Good Fortune While Your Competition Fights A Losing Battle With Keywords That Suck..."

You ARE leaving a fortune on the table when you're not using this insanely powerful software. 

How can I be so sure?  Read on to find out why ...


"Please put the price up, a lot, before too many of our competitors find out why Xtreme Conversions is the missing link in the Affiliate Marketers arsenal..."

Amir, I can only say "WOW" - you have excelled yourself with Xtreme Conversions. I know from experience that most affiliates run PPC campaigns with 100 keywords when in fact maybe only 10 or 15 of those are profitable. True for me (before I got my hands on this software breakthrough), and for 99% of the IMers out there. Thanks a bunch for letting me get my hands one of the first pre-release copies "I owe you one"

As Chris of APX and DJK fame states "all keywords are NOT created equal"... now with Xtreme conversions I can find those magic keywords and turn the majority of losing campaigns into "day job killers.

Xtreme Conversions is quite simply an incredible piece of software that allows you to automatically work out which keywords are profitable. The value of which is well ... pretty obvious ... AND you are giving this away way too cheap ... please put the price up, a lot, before too many of our competitors find out why Xtreme Conversions is the "missing link in the Affiliate Marketers arsenal. Make no mistake, if you make your living as an affiliate marketer Xtreme Conversions can definitely make the difference between profit and loss."

Terry Barker


You're about to discover how to make your competition look like 12 year old girls in a battle royale over the last Justin Timberlake CD on the planet.

But first, a warning.

My mother always told me to be careful what I wished for.

You know how it was when you were a kid.  You thought Mom & Dad didn't know crap about anything...

And you knew it all;-)

Well, it would seem my mom was on target when she told me to be careful what I wished for.

Because when I was young I always wished for riches and popularity.

What I didn't know then, was that I would one day create a powerful software application that would make many a marketer very wealthy, and send me from obscurity...

Straight into the spotlight...with people clamoring to get in touch with me...emails, forum messages, phone calls.

Trying to get a hold of me just to say, "Thanks".

Messages not unlike the one below...


"This type of software is going to do incredible things for affiliate marketers..."

Xtremely Great Timing! This is going to help me big time. It's going to quicken and fine tune the process of determining what's converting for me. I'm all about finding ways to improve ROI and cut costs. This is the ticket!

I must confess I've been using a script for a couple years that does something similar. But it was no where near the software you have put together here. And it wasn't always easy.. There were a few more steps involved to get it to work.

It didn't have a database to capture data or automate the process like yours does. It didn't allow me to manage everything in an interface like your software either. The solution I was using was good, but not near the solution you've put together.

And yours will dramatically speed up the process and centralize everything.

This type of software is going to do incredible things for affiliate marketers. How difficult was it to ask a merchant to put a snippet of code on their site for you? Sometimes they would; many times they wouldn't. Now we don't need to ask!

"Nice Job Amir!!"

Matt Levenhagen


So, why all the praise, emails, forum posts, and general interest? Why all the hub-bub over little ole me?

Such as this unsolicited forum post...

"...now on track to do over $3500 for the month maybe even hit $4K. That is no joke and it is directly linked to the changes I made implementing your software."


... Right after seeing your tracking codes show up in the affiliate sites I knew this was the real deal. Now a week later I can tell you that you have reduced my time spent setting up multiple pages for tracking and my conversions have increased because I can send people direct to my website without a funky looking tracking url. Then I am able to track the visit through the cloaking software and know exactly what converts.

In a week one of campaigns that had dropped from over $3K a month down to $2500 is now on track to do over $3500 for the month maybe even hit $4K. That is no joke and it is directly linked to the changes I made implementing your software. And the best is I know how to make lemonade out of lemons now.

Thanks Amir, great job and glad I found you,


Well, because I just created and released cutting edge, ground breaking technology, that some savvy marketers have been using to covertly clean up to the tune of $100,000 (plus) per month.

And that some people would just as soon keep to themselves.

This technology, never available before to the public, allows you to laser target the exact keywords that generate money for you... 


And easily...

So, you can in turn, ditch the losers, making your entire keyword arsenal 100% profitable.

It began with one burning question I had, "As An Affiliate, How Do I Know Which Keywords Can Make Me Money? "

I mean we have all struggled, toiled and, tweaked our campaigns only to come up with break even campaigns.

Sales might trickle in, but balancing our ad-spend with our sales has always been difficult at best.

The driving forces...the real issues...those have always been:

Which keyword does a buyer type in when they're ready to buy?

Which keyword will convert to a sale?

Which keywords make money and which burn holes in your pocket?

That has always been the biggest challenge...the battle that separated the super affiliates from those who were happy to break even.

It's what separated the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the mega affiliates from the wannabe's.

And it's indeed a very difficult challenge, figuring out what keywords make you money.

Have you ever thrown away a campaign that generated sales just because you were losing money on the campaign as a whole?

If you have been at this any length of time, I think we both know the answer to that... because we've all been there.


In addition to scaring me into obedience when I was young my mom always did something else for me as well.

She taught me how to fight my way out of hard spots...she taught me how to use my mind to solve my problems.

She ingrained this into me, to the point that I have dedicated my life to solving problems for other people.

And I knew that losing money on keywords was a problem of MAMMOTH proportions.

But I also knew...

There just had to be a way to turn those campaigns into winners.

I wondered, "Is there no way to legally cheat?"

Could I level the field so that inexperienced newbies could play on the same play field with the big boys?

Surely there is a way...there must be a solution.

These were questions I pondered for months, down in my "lab", at my home office.

I knew that if I could automate the process of finding the keywords that generate sales and dispose of the losing keywords, that tens of thousands of people's lives would be made easier, and big dollars would be made.

Big problem though...

To do that would require you to place Google's, Yahoo Search's, and MSN's conversion code on the merchant's thank you page...

And that still wouldn't tell you which keywords converted and were profitable by organic search traffic.

Plus you'd literally have to beg and plead to get the merchant's to add the tracking code to their thank you pages.

To put it simply, "Not bloody likely".

So... what to do?

These few months had dragged on and on for me... Like a sloth on Quaaludes.

And then by the love of everything holy it hit me like a freight train.

My lightbulb moment, brought on by a freight train of brilliance, resulted in a patent-pending procedure that will allow you to load up your campaigns with all the keywords you can think of, and very quickly determine the exact keywords that will convert into sales for you.

From there, you just pitch the losing words in the trash, and you are a lean, mean, profit machine.

Keywords are your business...and business is good...with:

"The Fastest And Easiest Way To Insanely Profitable Keywords..."

Extreme Conversions

Now, YOU can go head to head with any affiliate out there and have the EDGE. It's about time you got the leg up you deserved. It's about time things were made easy for you.

And with Xtreme Conversions in your arsenal...

You'll have the ability to zip right to the head of the affiliate pack

You can forget about break even, or worse yet, losing campaigns

You'll never waste money on 'dud' keywords again

You'll wonder how in the hell you ever marketed without it before

With Xtreme Conversions you can pinpoint with laser accuracy the exact keywords that will stuff money in your wallet.

You will have an ENORMOUS EDGE and a killer competitive advantage over marketers that are not using Xtreme Conversions.

"Installation And Integration Was Super-Easy."

"Thanks Amir for a GREAT tool!

Installation and integration was super-easy.

I'm already saving on adwords spendings by deleting keywords that don't convert. This has also improved my CTR which in turn has improved my QS to drive down my CPC!

Particularly impressive is the amount of time you spend on answering questions in the tool's support forum, and also the attention you pay to customer feedback.

In fact, with the recent upgrade you made to the Xtreme Tracker, you've incorporated many of the features requested by users through the forum (mine amongst them).

I look forward to implementing this tool across all of my future campaigns, which will no doubt save enough in adspend to pay for this tool many many times over.

Thanks again!"

Amy Cheung

See How Easy It Is To Get Xtreme...

Step 1. Enable Tracking For Your Landing Page

Insert a short snippet of code to the very top of your landing page.

Step 2. Setup Your Adwords Campaigns And Let Them Run...

Go to Google Adwords, load up your list of keywords and setup your Adwords campaign like you normally would. You DON'T have to do anything different here!

Step 3. Check Your Reports To See Which Keywords Are Profitable

Log into your ClickBank account get the tracking ids and load them into Xtreme Conversions. Xtreme Conversions will then report back all the keywords that are making the sales for you. It's that simple.

Step 4. Pitch The Loser Keywords In The Trash

No only did I want Xtreme Conversions to be the best tracking software on the market, I wanted it to be the easiest to use.

Simple, yet powerful... that's the way everything should be.

And to ensure you're able to get up and running with Xtreme in no time you'll get precise screen capture videos that show you step by step exactly what you need to do...

It couldn't be any easier.

And that's just the tip of the top of the Xtreme iceberg!

When you go Xtreme, you also get your deserving hands on what I like to call "content network magic".

Finally, cut through all the nonsense and controversy of the content network.

Xtreme Conversions will enable you to easily determine which content sites generate sales for you, and which ones are just plagued with click fraud and burning through your precious cash.

I don't know you yet, but I'm willing to make a wager...that you really love money.

Well good, we all do.

If we didn't we'd be watching re-runs on tv and couch surfing right now. But we're not. We're out there trying to get the upperhand with tools like Xtreme Conversions, so we can crush the competition...

And rake it in

I have good news for you then.

Here's a tiny peek at some of the many ways Xtreme Conversions will jam your pockets full of cash...

Find the exact search phrases (the user types in) that lead to sales... It's like getting the customer to tell you which keywords they type in before they buy.

Review the exact search phrases that gets users clicking on your ad... Hi, can you say, "I now have enormous clickthrough rates". And if you think you already know this stuff, you may be in for a surprise here!

Learn what your target market wants exactly... Stop "guesstimating" and screwing around with what you think they want... because no they will tell you directly.

Add fine tuned precision negative keywords... For ludicrously high click through rates and a a whole lot less of those irritating 'tire kickers'.

Scrap those non-performing keywords... Stop spending money on keywords that don't convert... Keep the winners... Dump the losers like yesterday's trash.

Send your PPC ROI Soaring... Trim the fat and cut out the excess until your PPC campaigns are lean mean fighting machines, without all the extra 'baggage'.

Learn which keywords you need to optimize for SEO... Don't waste your time optimizing for keywords you think will convert when you can hit bullseye every time with Xtreme Conversions.

Dynamically Insert The Keyword onto your landing page...Automation? Yeah, take the extra time this gives you to pamper yourself a little. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Works with Google Adwords, Overture, MSN and 6 other major search engines... You're covered with all the big boys, so you won't miss out on one red cent

Works with ClickBank, CJ, Linkshare, Azoogle, MaxBounty, and 100's of other affiliate program that enables you to add a tracking id... When you're a mega affiliate, you roll with the money. Xtreme has your back at all the real affiliate networks

Content Network Magic ...Track which of the sites on the content network bring you profits, so you allocate your money on the sites that are making you money.

Unlimited Installs....Install the software on your as many servers as you want, and track from an unlimited number of landing pages...Yeah, I'd be pissed if I had to pay for a new 'license' for every domain. So, you get to put this on as many servers as you can muster.

Unlimited Number of Keywords... Same deal here. Limitations are for close minded thinkers. I want you to have it all.

Encrypted Tracking... Never reveal your sensitive information to prying affiliate managers or sneaky merchants.

Direct Linking Tracking... Whether you're direct linking, sending traffic to a landing page, or even a squeeze page, I've got you covered.

WordPress Capable... Xtreme Conversions is the most flexible tracking solution available, capable of working with any template based site, including word press blogs.

Plus Much Much More...

And that's just of the top of my head...

Phew...there's so many more I could spend days and page after page sharing all the ways that Xtreme can make you money. And not chump change either.

But real money.

But Perhaps the Biggest Benefit of owning XC is that you'll have the chance of upgrading to the PRO version of Xtreme Conversions. A version so exclusive that only the elite of marketers have a chance to own it...

The PRO version of XC currently sells for $197, and only you as a proud owner of the regular version, you'll have the chance to upgrade at any point in time by only paying the difference in price, $99.

XC Pro blows all the competition out of the water, hands down. For the sake of not making any enemies, I won't list all the testimonials of customers who've tried competing products only to come and priase Xtreme Conversions Pro as the best tracking solution online.

I'll just suffice myself with listing some of its powerful features that no competitor has been able to match.

Javascript AND PHP Tracking... According to official w3Schools s reports, 6% of all internet users have javascript disabled. Xtreme Conversions (XC) lays the choice in your hands to use Javascript or PHP tracking. XC is the only product on the market that works with both modes.

Merchant Tracking... Whether you're an affiliate, or a merchant, you can track your conversions with XC. XC started out primarily as a tool for affiliate conversion tracking, but more and more customers, loving it so much, asked for the ability to track conversions as a merchant as well so we added it in.

Optin Tracking... Not only can you record which keywords and sources of traffic produced sales, you can also track which ones brought in optins to your list.

Dynamic Campaign, Adgroup, And Bid Keyword Creation ... This is truly a world class feature of XC that you won't find anywhere. Using the same Landing Page you can dynamically assign new campaigns, adgroups, and even bid keywords. A testament to the flexibility of XC.

Split Testing...While XC was not created as a split testing tool, and I believe in specialization, i.e.. focusing on being the best tracking solution instead of trying to be the jack of all trades and the master of none, XC still has some basic split testing features that come in very handy. Additionally, XC can work with almost any split testing tool out there. Some may require more tweaking than others, but XC is extremely flexible. What do you expect from a world class software engineer who worked for GE, Apple, and Intuit, graduated from Columbia University with honors, and turned down offers from companies like Oracle, and Intel?

Link Cloaking...With Direct Linking, XC offers you the ability to cloak your links using PHP redirects, Meta Refresh, or Framed links.

Upload Sales & Optin Data...XC supports sales reports natively from a bunch of affiliate networks, such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, CPAEmpire, ShareASale, and a whole bunch of others. If your network is not listed, you can quickly reorganize the data in Excel and upload it into XC using the common file format. We're continuously adding new networks too. Just ask us to add yours.

Flexible Mixed Reports...You have the ability to generate all kinds of data permutations using our custom reports feature. You can also search across the entire database very easily and conveniently.

Indispensable Dated Reports... It's very unfortunate that most of our competitors do not offer dated reports. This is a very basic yet extremely important feature. The ability to look at your traffic and conversion data for ranges of dates. XC has you covered.

Powerful Grouping Features ... With each report you can group the data by domain, keyword, bid keyword, campaign, and adgroup. I've even had customers use XC solely for examining your traffic data. They prefer it to even Google Analytics.

Better Than Google Analytics... This is bound to generate envious grudges from some of my competition. XC has more support for picking up search phrases that users typed in the non-major search engines than Google Analytics itself.

Strictly White Hat ... I don't like to play the black hat game, nor get you in trouble or going against the TOS of your affiliate network or advertising network. While you can use XC in blackhat ways and I won't prevent you, XC was designed to be compatible with all affiliate networks and advertising networks. I won't leave you compromised like other products do.

Benefit From The Experience of OVER 1000 Customers ...With well over 1000 customers, you get the benefit of all the creative ways they've come up to track with XC, and more importantly, all the features they've requested that were added to XC. XC couldn't have been the world class tracking solution it is today without all the valuable feedback from my valued customers, for which, I am very grateful.

The Tool of Choice For Super Affiliates Tracking Gurus ... David Bullock, the pioneer of testing and tracking is a bid advocate for XC. Additionally, super affiliates like Andre Chaperon and Felix Leshno are avid users of Xtreme Conversions, in fact, it's pretty much indispensable.

World Class Development By A World Class Engineer ... Unlike other competitors who outsource development to foreign companies or hire incompetent low wage interns, I personally develop the core engine of Xtreme Conversions, and what would you expect from a high achieving professional software engineer who graduated from Columbia University, worked for GE while pursuing a masters in Computer Science at RPI, worked for Apple and Intuit, and turned down lucrative offers from companies like Oracle, and Intel?

"Xtreme Conversions is an absolute steal at any price..."

"Xtreme conversions has been a life saver for me.

I now know with 100% accuracy what keywords people are typing in to reach my site from organic and paid listings, and I'm able to track those all the way to conversion.

I can whittle out all the wasted words that come from phrase and broad match and make sure that I'm only paying for words that convert.

Xtreme Conversions is an absolute steal at any price."

Steve G, TX

Which arm?

Well, I think you may have me confused with some kind of extortionist, because I would never ask you for your arm, leg, first born, or anything of the kind for Xtreme.

It's worth it though...Xtreme could easily be sold for $497 all day long. Even at that price, you'd be paying $497 to get thousands upon thousands back.

$497 would be money well spent.

But I'm not going to do that to you. I'm not some pimp, I'm a businessman that would just appreciate a little fair trade.

When I developed Xtreme Conversions, I put my heart, soul, and mind into this 1000%. Frankly, the results are astounding.

And, I've decided I'd like to reward the first group of smart thinkers that hops all over my masterpiece.

So, right now, today, you can get your hands on Xtreme Conversions for the incredibly low one time investment of only $147.

Soon, very soon, I will be raising the price to $147, and then may close it off at $197.

I'm not playing the scarcity game with you so I'm not going to throw down a "drop dead" date on that.

All I'm going to say is, "While you're looking at this page Xtreme is only $147.

Today, tomorrow, whenever, it will go up. Count on it. So, take your reward for fast action and get it while it's still just $147.

To Sweeten the deal even further, I am throwing in these 3 bonuses that will not only give you the tool that you need, Xtreme Conversions, but will also give you a complete step-by-step system that you can follow to succeed online.

Bonus #1: Xtreme PPC Blueprint

This is the actual blueprint that I personally follow to create profitable campaign. This is my own exclusive formula, and I lay it bare for you to follow, complete with checklists. Needless to say, this is pure gold for anyone who hasn't cracked the PPC code yet.

RRP: $67



Bonus #2: Clickbank Demystified

Clickbank is one of the best online affiliate marketplaces with thousands of digital products to promote.

This set of videos introduces you to use Clickbank correctly to start making money from day 1.

RRP: $37



Bonus #3: Step-by-Step Video Case Study

This is a live campaign that's running TODAY, not last week, not last month, it's running TODAY. I take you through the ENTIRE process from picking the product to picking the keywords, to writing the ad, to tracking...everything...You even get to take the converting keywords home to practice on and make your first sales.

RRP: $77


Get Xtreme Conversions And All THREE Bonuses Today For Just $147.


So grab your copy today before the price goes up!

Click Here For Instant Access To This Powerful Software

Extreme Conversions


Here's what some of our Xtreme customers have had to say:


"No More Spending Months To Find Out My Converting Keywords..."

"I have been marketing for over a year now and I have repeatedly pestered merchants to place my Google Conversion Tracking code on their page and although some of them were kind enough to do this for me, many vendors just seemed to ignore me completely...

So I ended up having to set up several adgroups and spend months finding out what keywords were converting for me. Oh yeah, not to mention spending hundreds of dollars on useless keywords!

I purchased one of the first copies of Extreme Conversions and at first I was intimidated by the set up process. However, once I managed to get everything set up with the quick support from Amir, I managed to save a lot of money in ad costs and I was able to find out what keywords were making me money very quickly.

Now I can beat the merchants at their own game and reap the ROI that most affiliates can only dream of.

Thank's again Amir for such a great system!"

Steve James, UK

"Xtreme Conversions Is Exactly What I Have Been Looking For..."

"Xtreme Conversions is exactly what I've been looking for. As I have lots of keywords I've manually tagged each ad group with a Clickbank ID. Although I won't be able to track conversions for each keyword, at least I know which ad group brought in the sale.

Xtreme Conversions helps me automatically tag each keyword so I now know exactly which keyword brought in the sale.

I don't know what I'd do without your software. My Google Adwords conversion tracking stats have not always been accurate and now with Xtreme Conversions I know for sure.

Great software!"

Cheryl Goh

Here's a few more unsolicited snippets straight from my user forum....


"There is some serious positive karma coming your way..."


I love Xtreme Conversions and it is much more versatile than KeywordXray (I have both).

It tracks perfectly what search term was entered and what country they came from. google.nz, google.za, google.au , google.ws etc.... The results are very eye opening to say the least.

Thanks Amir, your program is awesome!

This is cool!

I was tracking keywords in a much more time consuming and cumbersome way. Plus I was not capturing the actual phrase only what matched my existing PPC list.

Not to mention having 20 pages just to identify the PPC source - yahoo - msn - google ect.. Plus not being able to catch organic search terms. Plus showing my hand (my keywords) to the vendor.

Then you make it easy to install, a super database system, great support and an amazing price!

There is some serious positive karma coming your way.


While these customers said it so eloquently, more simply put, this tool can send your ROI and profitability to unfathomable new heights.

1. Xtreme Conversions Application - This software enables you to find out the exact keywords that generate sales and stuffs your pockets with cash.

2. A Step By Step Instructional Video To Show You Exactly How To Install Xtreme Conversions - This 13 minute video shows you just how easy it is to install Xtreme Conversions even if you have never turned on a computer in your life until today.

3. 2 Step By Step Instructional Videos To Show You Exactly How To Use Xtreme Conversions... Skip the learning curve and let me show you exactly how to get started with Xtreme Conversions. Here's what's included:

  • Integrate Your Landing Page With Xtreme Conversions... You'll Learn Step By Step exactly how to integrate your landing pages with Xtreme Conversions, and then check the reports to see the conversion data.

  • Direct Linking...Here you'll discover how to set up a direct linking campaign using Xtreme Conversions. This is an enormous time saver when it comes to testing out new markets before dive in head first.

All in all, You are getting a break-through, cutting edge, brand new technology that will make you loads of money, along with the easy step by step instructions that ensure your success.

And I won't let you risk one single dime, because I'm going to throw in my...

Unconditional 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, you wish to return the product, you'd be silly to do so, but I'll happily refund your money back with NO QUESTIONS asked.

I stand behind my products 100% and you satisfaction is guaranteed.

You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything to Gain...

So What Are You Waiting For... Get Access To This launch Special For Just $47 today...

Extreme Conversions


This offer will not last long. Are you going to miss the chance to get this incredible technology at 1/7th of the suggested retail value?

Get your copy now...

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Extreme Conversions


Yours Faithfully,

Amir Darwish

PS. Xtreme Conversions makes it stupid simple for you to discover the exact keywords that generate sales for you and send cash flooding into your accounts.

PPS. Not only do I guarantee that you can easily install and use Xtreme Conversions, but you're also getting an unconditional money back guarantee for a full 56 days. It's your time. Let's make it happen for you today.

Click Here To Get Instant Access To This Powerful Software

Extreme Conversions

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Technical Details...

This program is written in PHP/MySQL and as such runs on a regular linux server.

Xtreme Conversions will work with ClickBank and CJ and any other merchant that allows you to put tracking code in the affiliate URL. 

It will also work with organic traffic, as well as PPC traffic from Yahoo, Google, or MSN.

PLUS if you have any trouble Ill personally help you with getting it running.

DISCLAIMER: ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. Xconversions.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any XConversions.com product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by XConversions.com in the materials on this Web page."